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Gnomes in Springfield

Gnomes in Springfield


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Chart size in stitches:  

- main pattern122 x 71 (wide x high)
- additional patterns: 58 x 81 

Needlework fabric: Aida, Linen or Evenweave
Stitches: Cross stitch, Backstitch,
Chart: Black & White, Color
Threads: DMC
Number of colours: 31

You might recall the incident of the theft of all the garden gnomes in the town of Springfield (OR) which all reappeared in a single garden. The incident no doubt inspired needlework designer Kyoko Maruoka (GERA!) in turn to create this cute miniature garden landscape featuring the little gnomes occupying the place, sheltering below a mushroom, swinging from a flower stem, and brandishing a flag in the shape of a bumblebee.

The pattern provides a fun contrast between the gnomes in their blue coats and red hats, the red and white mushroom and the wildflowers that surround them. The cross stitch piece is quite detailed with a variety of flowers such as pansies, clover, violets, daisies, dandelions, wild strawberries and many more.

In addition to the main pattern, there are three smaller patterns with more gnomes.

 Designer Kyoko Maruoka chose to finish her project as a box, using a matching fabric for the sides. The smaller patterns were used to make a little case, a pincushion and a needle book. With its pretty colours, the pattern would also be very decorative on a cushion cover.

Note: box and accessory finishing instructions are not included with the chart.

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