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Treenway Silks 3.5mm Ribbon

Treenway Silks 3.5mm Ribbon

Treenway Silks

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5 yards of 3.5 mm silk ribbon.

Treenway Silks’ Ribbons

  • All widths of Treenway Silk's ribbons are woven with selvage edges.  The selvage edge can hold up to stitching on fabric or being pulled through a large-count canvas.
  • The silk used is the highest quality reeled silk, which still has the sericin in it.  The sericin acts as a natural sizing. 
  • The warp (length-wise) threads are two strands of fine silk which are twisted together. There are 300 fine warp threads per inch.
  • The weft (crosswise threads) is a single silk strand.
  • The ribbon is woven in plain weave, where the weft thread goes over and under each individual warp thread, all the way across the ribbon, giving a strong, stable ribbon.
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