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PTP \ Tango

PTP \ Tango

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Only quality fabrics from Zweigart and textile industry dyes are used. The combination produces a soft, washable, colourfast, and permanent product. The photos of our fabrics shown on our website are of linen. Variations – sometimes very wide variations – occur between fabric types. A colour in linen may or may not look the same in Lugana or Aida.

With any hand-dyed product, variations in colour intensities and patterns will occur with each dye lot. If you are planning to stitch companion pieces, we recommend purchasing your fabric at the same time for dye lot purposes.

Crystal: is what we call the fabrics that have opalescent thread woven into it and gives the fabric sparkle!

Colourfast? Yes! We use chemicals to bind the dye to the fibres and to stop the dyeing reaction. Then we wash the fabrics with a special detergent that removes loose dye. The brightest and darkest colours (such as Phoenix and Mystic) are rinsed multiple times to get the unbound dye. That being said, if you always wash your project when you are finished stitching – remember there could still be some loose dye in the fabric. It’s recommended to run cold water through your finished project and not to let it soak.
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