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Heat Erasable White Marking Pen

Heat Erasable White Marking Pen


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White wax-based marker for marking on black or dark-coloured fabric. The marking will come off with an iron or when washed.


  • Try the marker on a scrap of the same fabric before use.
  • If the marker does not flow smoothly when you first begin to use it, rub the tip gently against a piece of paper or fabric until the ink flows easily
  • Marks will gradually begin to appear after 10-30 seconds
  • Marks may not be easy to see on coarse, napped, thick or light-colored fabrics
  • You can retrace your marks if they are not easy to see on the first pass
  • If marks don't disappear with ironing, they can be removed by rinsing the fabric with water
  • Do not use the marker on non-washable fabric like silk
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