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Fussy Cutting Viewers \ Collection 2

Fussy Cutting Viewers \ Collection 2

Lilabelle Lane Creations

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This pack includes 10 pre-cut Fussy Cutting viewers printed on cardboard.

  • 2” 8 Point Star
  • 1” 8 Point Star
  • 1” Lucy Boston Elongated Hexagon
  • 1" Lucy Boston Elongated Hexagon (Round two)
  • Octagonal Kite for a 2” Octagon
  • Hexagonal Kite for a 2” Hexagon
  • 2” Equilateral Triangle for a 2” Hexagon
  • 3” Equilateral Triangle for a 3” Hexagon
  • 2” Isosceles Triangle for a 2” Octagon
  • Indulgence Petal (Pattern by Lilabelle Lane Creations)

Position your mirror on the template and then slide over your fabric. All of a sudden, fabrics that you didn't realize would be fun to fussy cut are now serious contenders in your next project and fabrics that you might have thought only had one or two options now open themselves up to way more options.

Fussy Cutting mirror SOLD SEPARATELY.

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